Getting Away From It All

Sometimes you need a break from more than just work. Hectic schedules, traffic jams and family obligations can also take their toll. If you want to go on vacation to get away from the chaos of everyday life, here are a few ideas.

Island Bungalow

Some islands boast glamourous cities and exciting nightlife. For a relaxing pause, find one that offers true respite, like an island where cars are not allowed and miles of leisurely beach strolling is encouraged. Look into bald head island rentals to discover a truly tranquil vacation home for you and your family.


For total peace and quiet, consider staying in a monastery. You won’t want to bring the family for an extended stay, but for a short solo respite, it is hard to beat. Most have simple furnishings and are very budget friendly. You may be asked (or required) to attend religious services or remain silent in public areas, and there are often restrictions on phone use. Rules will vary, but most are intended to ensure the serenity you seek.

Dude Ranch

A stay at a dude ranch typically involves participating in some ranch chores. Why would you take a break from work just to do another type of work? Because at a dude ranch, you will look at scenery rather than screens, and the work will put you back in touch with nature. Besides, it’s fun. A dude ranch vacation can involve fishing, horseback riding, zip lining and sleeping under the stars. Dude ranches, also called guest ranches, can be found throughout the U.S. and Canada; there is likely one close to you.

Lighthouse or Windmill

If you feel like venturing abroad but still want a secluded and unique adventure, consider staying at a lighthouse or windmill. These relics of the past have the charm of the old world with many modern comforts and amenities. They are often in fairly remote locations, so internet access and phone communication is limited, but the views are spectacular.