Self Storage Auction Rules And Bidder Agreement

C. “Terms and Conditions” is defined as terms and conditions of sale that may be changed or changed from time to time and may require additional conditions, conditions or exclusions that may be added or amended, which we can notify you by pop-up or hyperlink or email if such changes are made by us from time to time. Your subsequent use of the Site later, regardless of your reading of the change notification or the amended or additional conditions, conditions or exclusions, is your acceptance of a change in the Terms and Conditions. We advise you to be diligent in understanding the terms and conditions of all auctions you participate in. C3.5 Offers and terms of sale. You understand that under individual national law, a sale of pledges may be revoked by the owner for any reason until the expiry of the deadline and that a winner has been reported and informed by email. The user of the pawned warehouse has the right to cash in the right to pledge which, until the cash payment is received, cancels the auction by the winning bidder, unless otherwise stated in government laws on the pledges or by the storage company. 4. Each of the storage rights may have been opened before sale to an inspection or inventory list, in accordance with the law, then sealed with the facility padlock, and then sealed with a numbered seal. For this reason, your auction rules must include exemptions from liability for anyone interested in the property, your employees, the management company and the property, as well as for anyone else interested in the sale.

The rules should also include a compensation clause for damages or damages that a bidder may cause. If a bidder does something on the premises that leads to legal action, you want to be compensated by that bidder who will hopefully have insurance. 14. Self-storage facilities, movers and warehouses reserve the right to offer reserve prices and/or to purchase all auction units or lots or to refuse the highest bid. You acknowledge that all content in the Services is provided for your own use. Under no circumstances can you publish content in any form without the express written permission of Storage Auction Solutions. Your right to use the services is limited at the same time to a single workstation, unless both parties have an additional agreement on network access. You acknowledge that you are not allowed to sell or otherwise sell the software we have downloaded and that no rights granted to it may be granted, transferred or under-licensed by the taker, as any transfer or sublicensing is void. E5.1 Copyright. You acknowledge that the services contain information, data, text, software, photos, images, music, audio and video clips, graphics, links, intellectual property and other material (together “content”) protected by copyright, trademark or other property rights of Storage Auction Solutions, SF or third parties. All content used or provided through the services is copyrighted as Storage Auction Solutions, Inc., collection and/or compilation of storage auction solutions in accordance with applicable copyright.

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