How to Be Ready for Extra Party Guests

Whether you are hosting a holiday celebration or a backyard barbecue, there is always a chance that your invited guests have last-minute company of their own, or your nephew brought friends home from college, and they would like them to join in. Your extra guests will still feel welcome and comfortable if you anticipate their arrival with these provisions.

An Abundance of Food and Drinks

Rather than planning the perfect amount of food and drinks, prepare more than you think you’ll need. Leftovers are a far better problem to have than hungry partygoers. You can easily double the recipe for whatever you are serving, and be sure to add extra side dishes and beverages. If you have too much at the end of the gathering, you can send some home with your guests, and it won’t go to waste.

A Seat for Everyone

When the food comes out, it is ideal that there is a place for each guest to sit, especially if you’re serving a formal holiday meal. Even hors d’oeuvres are more conveniently eaten while sitting down, so it’s a good idea to plan in advance and rent additional chairs. A quick search like chair rental Hawaii will locate spare seats that can be used inside or outside.

A Generous Source of Dishes and Utensils

Be sure to have a plentiful stock of plates, silverware, and cups or glasses. Guests may want to use more than one of each item, especially if the food is buffet-style, so a substantial supply will allow them to take this liberty. If someone arrives late or is an unexpected plus-one, you’ll want to treat them just like the other guests and be able to offer a wine glass instead of a paper cup.

A successful host makes sure that every guest receives a warm welcome. When you have plenty of food and drinks to offer, a place for them to sit, and appropriate eating utensils, even unexpected visitors will feel right at home.


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