How To Keep Your Commercial Flooring Looking Brand New

You want to make an excellent first impression on any customers and clients coming through the doors of your commercial business. That means the flooring needs to be maintained to keep it looking fresh and clean. Here are some best practices to keep your commercial flooring looking shiny and new.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Have professional cleaners come to give your floors an excellent floor waxing New Orleans LA to keep them as spotless as possible. The experts who come in have the best knowledge and cleaning supplies to restore the surface of your floors to like-new condition. It’s worth the money when you can outshine your competition with an immaculate environment.

Vacuum Regularly

In between professional cleanings, regular vacuuming is a must. This keeps the carpeted areas looking fresh and fluffy while preventing dirt from causing stains. If you have a cleaning staff, have them vacuum daily to ensure you’re removing as much dirt as possible.

Steam Clean Carpets

To remove extra amounts of dirt buildup on the carpets, steam clean them monthly. High traffic areas need to be attended to as soon as possible to prevent ground-in spots of filth. Steam cleaning extracts the majority of dirt to ensure the carpeting lasts for years.

Use Mats at Entrances

Prevent dirt from moving onto your flooring by using floor mats at each entrance. Clients and customers can wipe their feet off before walking into your office, which means water and mud can stay on the mats instead of being tracked all over your floors.

Avoid Dragging Furniture

When moving furniture make sure you lift and lower instead of dragging items across the floors. This prevents scratches and dents from ruining the flooring in your company.

Regular cleaning and maintenance can keep your surfaces looking pristine for many years to come.