4 Different Types of Pest Control Methods

Individuals can choose from a wide variety of pest control methods to keep pests out of their homes. There are four main ways people deal with pest problems: non-chemical methods, chemical treatments, exclusion, and mechanical traps.

  • Non-chemical methods can vary in cost to implement, depending on the type of pest. Non-chemical techniques are the most popular (and safest) method for controlling pests; they do not apply pesticides or other chemicals. Non-chemical control is usually easy to use and very effective when properly implemented. More importantly, non-chemical control does not harm pets or humans that live in the home.
  • Chemical treatments may be more expensive than non-chemical methods to implement but are often much faster acting because they work quickly. Many chemical treatments are used with pest control services, such as pest control Port Orange-based. They include sprays and aerosols, gels, foggers, and liquids. While these methods can be very effective at getting rid of pests quickly, they may leave a lingering chemical smell in the house and stain clothing or upholstery. It is also possible that people with sensitivities to certain chemicals could have an adverse health effect from being exposed to them.
  • Exclusion is considered one of the best pest control methods because it does not involve using any harmful substances inside the home but rather prevents pests from entering. Exclusion involves sealing all entry points into a building so that only exterior elements threaten indoor areas. Sealing doors and windows tightly is a quick way to prevent many types of small-bodied bugs from making their way indoors.
  • Mechanical traps often kill or trap pests inside, so they do not pose a threat anymore. One common type of mechanical trap is the glue trap which uses an adhesive substance to prevent insects from escaping once they have walked across it.

People can choose from many types of pest control methods depending on their preferences or budgets. Non-chemical methods, chemical treatments, exclusion, and mechanical traps all have specific benefits and drawbacks associated with them, so individuals need to decide which type of pest control will work best for their particular situation.


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