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After you buy the right musical instruments, case, and accessories, the other important thing to do is find a professional for routine maintenance plus repairs. Although you will find several persons offering musical instrument repairs, they aren’t the same and you need to do due diligence in order to choose the best. No matter how promising a musical instrument repair technician is, don’t settle for them before you research. Here are some factors against which to examine the available musical instrument repair technicians.

Which instruments does the technician repair? Some technicians focus on student models and some on a specific instrument. Still, there are those that repair any kind of instrument. While the latter is a good option in that they can repair all your instruments, those who specialize are great in that they have broad knowledge in that instrument hence offering the best services. Whichever you opt, make sure you check for how many years the technician has been around and ask for referral clients to ensure he/she has repaired for many clients.

Is the musical instrument repair technician’s shop fully stocked? This could be tough to establish on your own but you can ask the technician or visit their shops. It would be good to work with a technician who has everything on hand as you can examine their parts and be sure they are of the desired quality. Smaller shops may need to outsource some repair parts and while there’s nothing wrong with this, it might be in case you need the repairs to be executed soonest. Pose queries concerning the musical instrument repair technician’s diagnostic and repair method and evaluate their responses against other technicians.

Make sure you get references. Any regarded musical instrument repair is glad to give potential clients a list of references. In case a prospective musical instrument repair technician dodges the subject or refuses to give this list, it is probable they’re concealing something and shouldn’t thus be trusted. Before you take your instrument to any technician, go to regarded referral platforms and check what is being uttered about the technician’s expertise, promptness, and more.

How long is this musical instrument repair technician going to keep your instruments? Unluckily, there isn’t a direct reply to this and it often relies on the type of repair. For instance, minor repairs can at times be done same-day. On the other hand, serious repairs may need a few days. However, various technicians take periods that differ. You shouldn’t rush your technician or else they will offer substandard repairs. In case there is an emergency repair that needs a technician to work overtime, then be ready to part with more money. Often, technicians provide a reasonably precise estimate of the duration your repairs will take and will post you on any changes. Mostly, musical instrument repairs take more than a day but don’t exceed a week and you have to plan yourself accordingly. Many technicians have loaner instruments and if you need one, choose one that has them.

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