Masonry: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Masonry Works and Chimney Repairs-The Importance of Chimney Repairs

Looking at any building, be it a home, business or any other kind of property, the chimney happens to be one of the parts of the same that happens to be serving such an integral role in them as a matter of fact. The chimney will be the part of the home that serves to allow for the combustion of materials and consequently allowing for the venting of the elements of debris and the like by-products to be vented off the property as safely as can be.

One thing that is factual is that a chimney that is built of high quality materials and with the best of craftsmanship will not only add to the beauty of the property but as well adds to the rustic and aesthetic appeal of the building at large. Having said this, one mistake that has been made by many property owners has been that of failing to conduct the necessary chimney inspections and do the necessary repairs and maintenance needs so as to ensure that these parts of the building are indeed maintained as should be in terms of their health and performance integrity at large.

The severe weather conditions we witness all around us definitely will come to bear by and by on the masonry works there are on your chimneys. If not addressed as should be, these effects will in the end get to pose such a serious threat to the entire structural integrity of the chimney and the building at large. In the winter seasons, the bricks will get to shrink as a result of the freezing weather conditions and this in turn causes the mortar, the cement bonding them to stretch as well. When this mortar so happens to fail like so, the result is in the fact that there will be allowed moisture to penetrate between the cracks. With this water inside the cracks and between the layers of bricks on the chimneys, they get to freeze as well and as they freeze, they expand and this results in the separation of the upper rows of the bricks which in the end get to separate in such a slow and sure process. When we get to the summer seasons, the heat of the summer has an opposite effect on the bricks and layers forming the chimneys.

Over and above this, with the passage of time and as your brick and stonework ages, we often see an increase in the risk of deterioration of the same. Through chimney repairs and masosnry work repairs on your property you can so effectively take care of the risks of deterioration of these and avoid them entirely on your property and as such maintain the structural integrity and safety of your building.

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