Modernize Your Bathroom With Interesting Remodeling Ideas

The ideal bathroom renovation in Neptune Beach matches style with efficiency and value. For better function, comfort and storage capacity, here are a few interesting ways to modernize your bathroom.

Put a Window in The Shower

A window is an attractive method for controlling bathroom humidity. Ventilation wasn’t always factored into bathroom designs; a fan helps, but not like a window.

Natural ventilation is not only effective, but it also lets in natural light, as fresh air helps keep the bathroom free of excess moisture and mildew. That makes the install a health and aesthetic bonus.

While the contractor you choose for bathroom remodeling Neptune Beach should know this, be sure the windowsill slopes downward. This way, water doesn’t stick. Keep the shower window high or use frosted or dark glass for privacy.

Maximize Storage With a Recessed Cabinet

Recessed furnishings are good if you’re creating a simple, minimal design. Building a recessed cabinet into the wall, for example, saves space in the bathroom and gives the cabinet deeper shelves at the same time. This is a good choice if your current vanity is on the lean side. You can get semi-recessed installations, too.

A recessed cabinet is also beneficial for its structural support. It tends to be far more durable and have greater longevity compared to standard cabinets.

Work With The Lighting

Bathrooms generally aren’t engineered to take advantage of natural light. They usually have a small window and one bright source of light. Newer bathrooms have improved mood and light functionality.

For your bathroom remodel, take a look at the latest options. Recessed lighting around the mirror enhances grooming routines. Lighting in the shower (as opposed to outside of it) can make the experience more pleasant. Put in a dimmer for ambiance should you decide to put a tub in.

Getting Your New Bathroom

Working with a licensed and experienced local contracting company in Neptune Beach is the best way to build the bathroom of your dreams. Keep these considerations in mind, and you can pull off a luxurious, functional bathroom remodel that doesn’t bust your budget.


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