What Is The French Term For Agreement

Town Hall – City Council research mandate – Private agreement that allows brokers to search for real estate – Real Estate Historic Monuments – Classified Buildings This glossary contains all the French legal terms used mainly for the purchase of a property in France, they can be useful if you are by chance in contact with an agent or notary who does not speak much English or a legal document in French. However, if the subject is the indirect object of the verb rather than the direct object, there is no correspondence – you will know more. katadastre – local register of urban planning with data relating to blue card land – debit-card-professional – granted by the Prefecture to the real estate agent for the realization of the business credit card – Identity card – ID card withdrawal card – withdrawal ID card – resident foreign identity card – Administrative Authorization As a precautionary measure – Bond or guarantee centre for stamps – Certificate of tax administration planning certificate – Certificate of zoning (corresponding to a search of local authorities) Disposal – Transfer of property or rightsChéque – Checkbook – Checkbook – Cost of maintenance of a property (z.B. Water, water, electricity) Special clause – Special clause of criminal condition – Penalty clause for the execution of a suspensive contractual clause – conditional clause in a contract that must be fulfilled for the sale to the conclusion of the labour code – French Labour Commission (C/C) – Agency Commission does not include the commission – Agency Commission not included Labour Code – Labour Law in France Community – Joint Succession of a Compromised Sale Couple – Accounting Land Sale and Purchase Contract – Accountant – Encal Enechase Term Account – Deposit account current account – Current account joint account – Joint account esc-inse account – Deposit help in a special escrow account pending fulfillment of certain conditions conditions special conditions foruspensive – terms conditional obtaining a positive zonation certificate) tax advisor tax counsel legal adviser – legal adviser professional preservation of mortgages – mortgage/land registry finding of an oiler – Factual testimonies written by a judicial officer who is irrefutable in judicial properties – bankrupt, (CDI) – Employment contract of an unspecified term term contract (CDD) – Fixed-term employment contract – reservation contract – the sales contract for the purchase “on plan” (sometimes also as a preliminary contract) preliminary contract – pre-contract agreement – collective agreement – collective collective agreement on pret contract employment relations – mortgage contract – co-ownership condominium – the grammatical agreement of co-ownership is a major topic – and one of the bans of French students.